Microsoft 365 & Azure

EWORLD is bridging its strong partnerships with MICROSOFT and their proven cloud platform technologies to focus IT on delivering business value. Through MICROSOFT’s M365 and Azure Cloud Platform, EWORLD is building comprehensive business solutions powering the enterprise of tomorrow.
From collaborative solutions powered by Exchange, Teams, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive, EWORLD can help you transform your desktop into a modern, collaborative & secure workspace, accessing your data from any device, any location and any given time.

If you are looking to extend your internal IT infrastructure to the Cloud or to make use of the Cloud for your DR/BC planning, Cloud computing platforms, like Azure, tend to be less expensive and more secure, reliable, and flexible than on-premises servers.

With the cloud, equipment downtime due to maintenance, theft, or damage is almost non-existent. You can scale your compute and storage resources—up or down—almost instantly when your needs change on Azure. Also, you typically pay only for the services you use, which provides a level of convenience and cost-control that’s almost impossible to achieve with on-site infrastructure.

EWORLD is available to sit with your team, analyse your business requirements and collect the current infrastructure hurdles and translate that into a modern and resilient infrastructure to cater for your business systems.